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The ADI-P App - our latest innovation in the field of automatic irrigation controllers

Monitor all your sites’ automatic irrigation filters from your smartphone, for free

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Step by Step Water Filtration

What is Water Filtration? Filtration (particle filtration) separates and removes solids from water. 

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Removing organic and inorganic matter from surface water

Protect your irrigation system with automatic self-cleaning filters

Crop yield can be greatly affected by water quality. In fact, success often depends on it. Effective surface water filtration is your first line of defence in protecting your irrigation equipment and providing the best possible water quality. 

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Amiad's Automatic Self-Cleaning Filter Saves Time, Money and Manpower

Ginosar is a small kibbutz situated on the Western coast of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. It was founded in 1937 and has a population of a little less than 600 people. The kibbutz relies on its agriculture, boasting 430 hectares of land dedicated to the cultivation of dairy, citrus, sub-tropical fruits, and bananas.

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How using self-cleaning filters can change the way you grow

Getting the most yield out of your land while also minimizing costs can be tricky. High-quality potable water sources are becoming rarer and this is making the use of sources such as reclaimed water and non-potable fresh water more prevalent.

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Saving resources with the Mini Sigma self-cleaning filter for irrigation

As a grower or landscaping professional, you know there are two keys to a profitable harvest or successful landscape:

  1. Achieving the highest yield possible from your land.

  2. Using all of your resources in the most efficient manner possible.

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How do automatic self cleaning filters actually work?

Managing your land entails a continuous learning process of trial and error. Each soil type has its own unique needs, and every water source used for irrigation has its advantages and disadvantages

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